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Lucky escape last night!

  LY 182
Managed to escape points and a fine last night.

We've got a few roads in Northampton that appear as just normal dual carriage ways but they have 40 mph limits. 99% of the time people are exceeding 40 on these roads. Anyway last night I dropped a few mates into town, came off the slip road and as it was dry give it a quick boot. Was up to 70 before I knew it.

Shortly after I see the dreaded blue sirens and pull over. Female copper gives me a telling off. Luckily as she was on her own and just in a normal vehicle she had no power to give me any points or a fine. Just a telling off. I was nice and polite and said I appreciated what she had to say.

Tbh I don't think 70 down an empty stretch of dual road is particularly dangerous, but technically well over the limit so grateful to have come away with a telling off!
  LY R26 #288
normal cops can pull you over for any reason they like and sometimes give out section 59s but don't think they can give you points for speeding because they don't have all the gear like a traffic police car to get your speed etc
  LY R26 #288
i had that once before, usually if your reasonable and don't make stupid excuses they just threaten you with a 59 if they see you doin it again lol
  LY 182
Lol yep as the guys said. I think she was just being nice and giving me a heads up really. Makes a change from the tw*ts in unmarked vehicles who drive up your arse and try and bait you into speeding.

I certainly wasn't driving recklessly anyway, IMO. She only caught me up due to some traffic lights though... haha. :eek:
  07 Campus Sport 1.2
i hate those damn roads in northampton, and the ones with the average speed cameras, so annoying. its a dual carriage ffs why put the limit at 40! lol
Couple of months after I passed my test I was pulled over for doing 70mph in a 60mph (not dangerous on this particular road, but nevertheless, still over the speed limit) and they then saw I had a tyre just under the legal limit (genuinely wasn't aware of this, but should have been) They could have given my 3 points for speeding and 3 points for the illegal tyre (meaning I'd lose my license, as it was in the first 2 years..)

I felt lucky that night!

Proves though that if you're polite the majority of them are quite reasonable. However, there are a few around who aren't, regardless!
  BMW M6 & 172 Phase 1
Had the same thing in my '6 the other week. I think they pull you over just to sh*t you up a bit tbh.

The copper was extremely friendly to me and even joked that had it been dry he wouldn't have had a hope in hell of keeping up :eek:
  LY 182
Yeah it did s**t me up a bit purely because I wasn't aware that she couldn't do anything lol.

I genuinely thought I was pulled cos there was 5 of us in there and they might have suspected drinking or something lol. I didn't even notice the cop, maybe because there was 3 average sized mates crammed in the back of a 182 lol!
  PH1 iceburg
Congratulations on speeding and getting away with it. You must have looked a hero in front of your mates!
  LY 182
Congratulations on speeding and getting away with it. You must have looked a hero in front of your mates!

Absolutely. I thought it was a bit too much though when they got out of the car and lifted me up, parading me around the street.

40mph dual carriage way? Sounds gay

Yeah there's a few close to where I live. Pretty pointless. I think the only time the speed is kept to is when people are going to / from work.