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Lumpy Tickover

I now have 4k miles on the clock (no 4k rattle yet) but my tickover is sometime quite lumpy, you can feel it in the car as it coughs. Is this normal for the 172 engine ? ro should I get it checked ? Perfomance seems ok.

I had the same problem with my coupe !! apparentley it was to do with the type of plugs and ignition type used (something like that) you are right officiallyRenault called it a cough but none of the cars showing the symptoms were recalled. I put an ITG filter and some Bosch supe 4s in the engine and it did reduce the cought a little. Failing that go to the local chemist and get some Benylin.;)

I hear that Bosch Super4s are no good - and in my experience anything but Super4s are better! In fact, my engine hated them so much it spat one of those damn Super4s out of the head!! Ouch!:cry:

BTW - isnt the 4k rattle meant to be to do with 4000rpm rattle (not 4k miles?)?:confused:

I would get the std pligs back in, the SUper4s are crap and no good at all, especially in the F4R motor which runs on special plugs.

The super4s are conventional nickelalloy whislt the std Ren plugs are precious metal centre electrode.........hence why they are so expensive. but theya re damn good!!

The tickover can abe a little lump and when its cold the car can sit there bouncing a little, but you have to remember the cams are generally of a very high spec as std. They can be comapred to a rally cam as many know it by. The VVT does its best to keep indle and low rpm smooth, but there is pnly so much you can do with cam phasing devices.


  Audi TT Stronic

Quote: Originally posted by Ben H on 21 March 2003

BTW - isnt the 4k rattle meant to be to do with 4000rpm rattle (not 4k miles?)?:confused:
ye it is .. but cause everyone calls it the 4k rattle some people misunderstood and though 4000 miles