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Luv thy CUP



:)Hey folks, only just got my spankin new 172 Cup on wednesday and ive already put 350 miles on it cos I cant stop driving it. I was gonna go for a Cooper S but I had a drive in both and fell in love with it. Ordered it about a week and a half ago and I got it already well pleased. Gonna keep it standard for now but ive done tiny bits and pieces like silver indicator bulbs (that flash orange) on the back and front also got clear side repeaters to take all the orange colour out of the car it looks so much better even though its very subtle.

The thing is so quick, well it would be seeing as I had a Zetec S before!!! I love it!!! I sure im not the only one who is happy???

I one complaint, and one only!!! The beeping seatbelt light, does anyone know how to stop it!!!!:mad:

P.s. I am aware that putting on the seat belt will stop this.:oops:


Lol, I tried that but that creates a new problem of not being able to hear the stereo and I get strange looks from pedestrians. Plus the bulb still flashes at me!

I wouldnt complain but it goes beep beep beep for about 2 minutes :mad:

Really makes me wanna put my belt on, i tell you.

Also, i cant get over how well it handles in the wet!!!

Was going round and round and round a slippy roundabout in the wet tonight but the bloody thing just would not step out, it seems to feel like its about to go but it just holds that position!?! Feels so well balanced.

I love it.


mine doesnt beep, just flashes, ill swap you if you like out for late braking in the wet and keep your distance, ive had a couple of moments which would never have happened in the pug, its a hoot to drive though, especially in the dry, midrange overtaking is superb..


i love mine, she gets a bit sideways happy on the roundabouts in the wet, (by accident honest!) mine doesnt flash or beep, just stays on! till i strap in!

What i found really annoyin at forst was the tick tick tick noise the indicators make!!!!arghhhhhh!!! i just turn the music up now!


Why am I the only one that gets the noise :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Grrrrrr!

It is a much more annoying noise than the indicators I tell ya.... and 2 mins when diving along is a long time.

The problem is I like to lean forward in my seat when I drive so the seatbelt just gets on me nerves.

The cup is a tool though I aint been raggin it properly yet, because its only done 300 miles. Ive driven one with 3K on and it is so much faster on pick up, midrange and top end!! Also Im sure that I hit the rev limiter in my one at about 5500 revs??? Although I didnt see any gear change light :confused: Does anyone know if it sets higher after certain milage

Glad youre enjoying it mate - Ive had mine just over a week now and done nearly 900 miles :D Just keeps getting better and better..apart from a couple of minor niggles.

Gave an MR2 Turbo a good fright last week as well :D

Take it to your dealer, theyll be some kind of small speaker which they just muffle with a cloth. Space age technology..


Excellent, i will speak to them then but do you reackon they will do that for me. Spose I wont know til I ask eh! :oops:

I had a little tear up wih a celica with a large 4.5" tailpipe and rims, I think it must have been a turbo cos everytime he changed gear a puff of whitish smoke came out of the exhaust. I backed off though at about 80 cos I dont want thrash it about to much with low mileage!

The_Gza: What little niggles do you have mate???

Cupster - my heater control broke (currently awaiting new heater cable) and the trip computer gave up the ghost after about 300 miles. Local Renault garage cured this by fitting the wrong control stalk :cry: so its going back in to get the right one refitted and the cable done. The passenger seat is also a bit rattly on the runners. Just niggly things, so Im still impressed with the car overall :)