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Made the right decision

as i said in my previous post, i have ordered a clio extreme 1.216v (hoping to move onto a cup in a couple of years when i can afford the insurance)

went to the motorshow last week and looking round at the competition for the same price, i think i have definitely made the right choice with the clio, and what a great online community i have joined.



yeah its great i have a very late 2001 mk1 1.2 16v(same engine as you)

where you at? you should come to a meet



yeah missed it by 2 months (bugger!!!) but its cool

got (in theory) 2000 watts of power in there

Pretty impressive, probably wont mod mine until june/july time, cos insurance company wont insure me on a modded car until im 19. wont be doing many mods cos i dont think there is really anything that it needs.

How much did ya pay for the extreme ??.. looking for one for Jayne..

My m8 just bought his son one for uni... looks to be about 7k as the best deal..

used to drive a 96 16V before, very nice car, but i prefer my new one! I will be borrowing a 1.2 Xpression plus tomorrow from the garage as a courtesy car, ill give it a good thrashing!!

i have heard rumors that (although renault claim the same performance figures) the sport models liek dyanmiquie and extreme r a bit quicker than other 1.2s

nice, just before christmas. have you ordered from Sutton PArk Coventry? I cant stand them, i went to Rugby, much nicer people.

Let me know if you wanna meet up sometime, dont know anyone else on here from Cov

yeah i ordered from rugby, i visited a few manufacturers in the area and renault definitely had the best attitude, really helpful. Ford sales man was an arrogant t***

by the way im 18, you?

used to take my 16v down to cov, evrytime i went in the same bloke tried to get me to buy a 172, told him where to go in the end! My cars booked in to Rugby tommorow to get some scratches done, so ill have a 1.2 for the day.

Im 23 m8, live by Longford firestation.
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

guyr - your 16v wasnt blue reg N something FFA was it. If so think I saw you in Kenilworth in it ages ago and was shocked as mine is also N*** FFA.

the same bloke tried to get me to buy a 172

At least when i go in the renault garage they dont try to sell me stuff, cause they just think i cant afford it, then i drive off and let them hear the actuator chatter and they can never wprk out what it is! lol

ha ha, most of them havent a clue! when i was enquiring about the cup some renault dealers asked me what colour i would like it in!
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Mine is a monaco blue valver. An exact copy down to teh reg is also somewhere in cov/kenilworth. Live in kenilworth and see a few valvers and williams round leamington and warwick way.

havent seen the one your on about, or yours for that matter. Ill have a look round when im next around Kenilworth.

does anyone here have a blue valver, 17s on it. Saw it parked outside a house in Wolston earlier??

Weird, i never saw many valvers when i had mine, now i see them evrywhere!