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making the headlights higher

K, as im off this week ive been doing few mods to me car...

replaced bulbs with ice blue bulbs today.. but i couldnt see a mnaual way of making them higher? the incar adjuster is set to max height.. but i can see about 15ft in front of me if im lucky.... VERY annoying.. as i have to drive sh*t slow incase someone walks out in front of me and i cant see them!!

any ideas how to make them higher?

the drivers side light dips ALOT lower than the left side light... its as if they have been set for french motorways??



i dont know what type they are but

if the are electric they can be sorted what you do is (in theory) take the units out and find the gearing for the leveler then move the cog round a bit more by hand to angle the bulbs up more then replace the parts you took off to get the angle up and it should be higher.

that proably makes no sense but i tried..........

k, will have a look...

looking i see the sidelights use a smaller bulb.... can this be changed to a ice blue aswell? were can i get these?