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Mates GTi Vs My Valver

  Revels Mum & Sister

I posted some pictures a while back of a mates 106 Gti. We went and picked it up about an hour. On the way back had a little play!!

Across a roundabout and up a smallish hill onto a dual carriageway type road. He was in front and floored it first. We were both in 3rd gear. Closed the gapo slightly but not much couldnt real him in!!

Then across another dual carriageway he got the foot down first as well. Again gap stayed the same until !05 then I started pulling him in! Had to slow down then though.

Went looking for a set of red lightas but couldnt find any!!! Was good fun and I was flat out. Although he only has a drivers seat in his car at presetn!! Thats it.

Was interesting it went like a b*****d. Knew they were quivk but this surprised me!! HEhe

LOL Im suprised you managed to gain on him at all if hes only one seat in - 106s are pretty light to start with:)
  Revels Mum & Sister

We are talking a few foot mate. Only marginal at high speeds!!!

He may have let off slightly or maybe I was to excited. But it was anything to write home about the distance!!!

I think in the tests when they came out the first test on a non-run in car gave 0-60 8.6 secs. They re-tested it a few months later and got 0-60 in 7.4secs. I cant remember which mag it was.
  mk2 172

i desperately need another valver to race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, clio 16v boy has just had 2.0 16v conversion. have txt him with the offer, hasnt got back to me yet tho. hopefully speak to him soon. althoughi need to meet more of these 1.8 boys as theres a fair few round donny
  Revels Mum & Sister

Drive down to me mate I will race you. Plus got a 106 GTi, 306 GTi-6, CRX and a Cav Gsi that will be up for action.

Maybe some more scalps!!!