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max weekender.............

did anyone go to the max power weekender thing?

see the blue impreza with leather interior that was on show anyone?
had gold stickers on


any comments on it?

My brothers went, black VTS & white R5GTT.

All they said was the rolling road was bollox, not at all accurate. Came up with very wierd figures.

VTS got 134bhp & 161lb/ft (last RR 159bhp & 149lb/ft)
GTT got 120bhp & 160lb/ft (last RR 139bhp & 170lb/ft)

The last RR figures they got were from a local place that we know is accurate.

Both cars have had quite a lot of engine work done, and unfortunately I know they are quicker than my 145bhp Valver.

Yea i went down, only had my more or less standard clio, thought it was good fun apart from the night life, ended up going into skeg, loads of birds there :)