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meet MrBlack (new member pics)

Each to their own and all that but if you wanted black wheels I would have gone for 18s with a split rim polished silver and the centre in black ;)

Other than that, it looks nice mate.

Did those wheels come in black or did you get them sprayed..can you explain the process and cost please! I would of got different wheels but am in full support of them being in black! Very rude..needs lowering though.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

.......what exhaust is that???? the car,,,,,,,,,,, its a lol

he he

they are team dynamics motor sport wheels in matt black.

wanted to keep 16" as they handle the best.

Its booked in for the eibach kit in 2 weeks.

But i am spent out :-( atm

My 16v came with black wheels - in fact the same ones. Im afraid that I ditched them after a while as I prefer the original, sleuth tuned look as a car gets older. You didnt once upon a time have a black 16v with leather and those wheels did you??

Yes I think the Utopia looks the best of all.

I looked at 4 or 5 and was so close to having the renault double one (second choice).

But I picked the Utopia in the end.

can any one lend me £160 for the eibach kit, looking at the pictures it does need to lose 20 or 30 mm.

  7.6cc :D

Very nice, nice colour car, but you need to give your wheels a good polish! they are looking a bit black, ;)

A disturbance in the force I feel... someone passed over to the dark side they have....

Certainly wont miss that round Leicester! Photos on here often dont do the cars justice, but I might be tempted to get the silver 2.0 16v door badge and the wheel centres black too.

Looks very mean and moody mate.