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Membership Benefits

I am just awaiting my membership pack having sent off my cheque last week. I am just wondering what all the benefits of membership are, as I cant access most of the website.

Also I would like to know if there are any cruises meets in the North/North West London area. I know about the cruise at the ACE Cafe on the north circular, but I like to know if there are any others.
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You should find a list of benefits on the membership information page.

Also if you mouse over the members section on the menu, you will see what menu sub items there are.

BUT the number one reason to be in the club are the special super duper 10bhp performance increasing ClioSport stickers and keyring
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Ed. Well done for joining! The meetings side of things will likely be quieter over the winter. But look whats planned for next year:

Cliosport French weekend
Drag racing @ York
Rolling Road days
Track days
Loads of evening meets as the days get longer / warmer!
Believe me, you wont be disappointed.