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Can anyone please help me in how the hell do you actually mesh the grill on the new style renault clios.....i have got the mesh and want to start straight is it done...the bodyshop say that you cannot sand down the existing grill due to ridges and how crap it will look

Thanks in advance
  BMW 320d Sport

The principles of meshing are the same whatever the car is. Cut out any offending ribs and bracing sections so you have an open mouth to work in. Cut your mesh to the same size plus an extra inch all round. Build a support layer all round the edge (obviously inside the bumper where you cant see it) out of No More Nails or something. Then once thats dry your mesh can be laid across the hole and stuck down with a hot glue gun. DOnt use silicone for this sort of job it doesnt work very well and gets everywhere. Use cunning thin black cable ties to keep stuff in place.