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Mesh on clios

Has anyone got mesh on the front grill & valance of their clio?

Id just like to know where the best place to get it & how to fit it cos i looked at my front valance today & found that id somehow managed to catch a dead bird in it.

Ive got the lovely job of trying to get the dead bird out 2moro, i dont want it to happen again so i need mesh.



  Shiny red R32

Was it a pigeon Bryony? I have a friend with a Pug 306 Rallye who has this daft saying about his car - "Itll catch pigeons"!

Lol no it isnt GR.I was just lucky i noticed it now cos if i hadnt noticed for months it would have started to go off, ohhh lovely.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i almost had one the other day, it was in the road and couldnt decide which way to fly......itll make its mind up from now on lol

i have it done on my 1.4rt i did it myself, it took two attempts to get it right but it looks minted and its the only one i know of within 40 miles that has it done. suttle but no-one else can be bothered trying it (too much work for them).
  BMW 320d Sport

If youre going for a factory look with the edges of the mesh behind a panel so it looks all flush, you need to use a hot glue gun to keep it in place. Unless you have a ledge there already to rest it on. You can use self tapping screws if your bumper is thick enough. Dont use silicone sealant, it gets everywhere and looks untidy.