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Meshing Mk2 172 grills

Anyone done this? is it possible? any piccies?

Just think about something to tinker with for a few hours


Thats just the look I was thinking of

Shame you are where you are though not like I can just pop round to see it close up.

Have you got any hints and tips on doing it? the top grill seems very integrated, is that gonna cause any problems?



i could do it for you then send it, but i dont think you would want to pay what we charge.

its not too hard work, just cutting out the "slats" sanding them down, then meshing the behind.
  7.6cc :D

This looks gorgeous, and something i would consider doing, but would it devalue the car as a resale?

Am I right in thinking that the bottom bit is just done by removing that bottom grill then meshing behind? Id like to get one bit done with having to hacknslash it to bits first - just to see the effect

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Jaine who owns Squirt 172 has done this. Maybe speak to hear as she got it done by K-Tec I think it was.

CB - Yeah cheers for that, but K-tec is just too far to drop by to get things done, if I got them to do everything I may want Id have to camp down their for a week

No, but seriously, I wana have a go at it myself, so..... I think I will just looking for hints and tips.....


BenR - do you also colour code the side stripes on MK1 172s ?????

also what happened to meeting up for general XR2 chat....are you going to any of the meets coming up soon...would be good to have chat....going to buy stock hatch XR2 soon for track days and for hopefully racing in Stock Hatch with 750 MC next your knowledge would be handy....pick ya brains and all that.

Do you still race in Clio Cup??

cliocup. no, studyin in the uk....
but im in HK now and setting up a nother budget series based on the road clio. 20,000 pounds get you a car, cage, race seat, modded airbox, exhaust, laguna brakes, cliocup suspension, a full season, all transport etc etc....great value!

still wanna meet up, will be fixin up my clio wheni get back 4 the first 2 days, then off to bristo for the week to setup at uni, then back down to w.sussex to do the fiesta.

yes we can colour code it, we can do anything you ask really....apart from design bodykits
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-Roamer. If youre thinking of meshing the lower grille why not consider including a neat cut-out for the ram-air input for an induction kit. Whether its Hill Power, Pipecross or whatever, we need a neat & tidy intake. A mesh job provides an opportunity to achieve this without the agony of removing a foglight.

Have you seen the Steffanson mesh grille for the Mk2 172? VERY nice, but a tad expensive at £140

Still cant see those pics. Sort it out!!


  Shiny red R32

Ben can you please display the pictures so that we can see the mesh rather than the red crosses?
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Just a thought....does the closeness of the mesh restrict the air flow as the original plastic one is very open.
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IMHO The mesh looks cheap and crap vey untidy.

Graphics designer to Engineers dept " We would like modern meshing to give a sporty look".

"So you want to restrict airflow and sadle the dealers with warranty claims for new engines?"

Would a nice tough polished chrome grille be more tasteful?

we are the dealers, i dont like it.
im the sales coordinator, nowt to do with this mod idea.
Im wasting my time developing the RS-R kit. its fun already!


  Shiny red R32

I have to say that I might consider swapping mine for that one! - But I would change the wheels.
  7.6cc :D

Thats gorge, except for the light covers! Have not seen any light covers for the Mark2 even remotely nice yet.

p.s. got Thomass baby photos back from Boots today, god! im a bad photographer, Bits of him are cut out of every shot grrrrrrrrrr