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metal Polish

  Ph1 Red Clio 172
gunna be scrubbing up my exhaust later... can anyone recommend a decent metal polish... halfords the best bet?

  Not a 320d
Autosol, if its bad use some wire woll along with autosol. If not Autosol and a MF cloth.

In b4 Wrong Section.
I use auto glym metal polish and just work it in with a cloth works a treat

No need for wire wool
  Bumder With A Buffer
I too have used the autoglym's ok and does the job, there are better products though
Yes, but with a lot of work.

Wash with a degreaser, detar with Tardis, polish with one of the following;

Belgom Alu
Britemax Metal Twins

I have had to use very fine graded wire wool in the past to really get rid of blemishes.
Come back to me when you've done a whole exhaust. I guarantee you will get through a few tins to get close to the above products. Sadly.