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Mg in liquid yellow ?

  2007 clio dynamique
I keep seeing an mg in liquid yellow , does anybody no if its a standard colour thats similar to the renault colour or not ? Its been bugging me lol cheers
  Listerine & Poledo
It's not Liquid Yellow, it's Birmingham Curry Paste Yellow.

Standard colour option.
  2007 clio dynamique
That sunspot colour looks like the one its looks good in the sun though , if i get chance to get a pic i will and post it up
  Disastra Coupe
  DC2 TypeR / E36 328i
I always see a Mk2 ZS in the same colour, very similar

I couldn't believe how many cars at goodwood were liquid yellow



My 2003 MG TF 160. Shame the car overall was crap, but a great colour is sunspot made by Dupont for MG.