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Micra K12 1.4 Running badly!

  1.6 Astra Sporthatch
Right, my mum has told me her car isn't running quite right. This is what she has described:

Growling sound when you accelerate
Over 20mph the growling gets louder
Often pops/bangs, car shakes slightly as this happens

I'm thinking misfire or exhaust? What would you all check first? Going to plug it in when I get home and check for codes.
  Clio 182
Misfire, check sparks on all cylinders...they are pretty easy cars..and good too i work for a nissan dealer, if you get code send them to me il send you a full bulletin on how to diagnose it... Good luck
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
Start simple first before looking at stretched timing chains. See what the codes and live data say first.
  1.6 Astra Sporthatch
Nope, typical woman who said "exhaust looks fine" whole exhaust backbox had come off. #PointlessThreadAfterAll?