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Midlands Rolling Road (inc. Pics!)


Great day today!

Thanks Wayne for taking me out in your Cup - Its insanely quick! Still smiling about it! :) :D

Thanks Mat for organising the meet and taking me out in your Valver.. Dunno why you wanna get rid of it - its quick (Um, Very quick), handles extremely well, looks good.. still smiling about this too! :) :D

Thanks Weight for taking me out in your Valver aswell.. loved the popping of your K-Tec Exhaust! Bet your neighbours love you! :D :)

... and that leads me onto the pics! Some are a bit weird because of the Sun being quite strong..



Full list as follows:

Slugger - Cup - 162.4 Bhp @ the Wheels
Telfordmike - mk2 172 - 159.3
Tim172Cup - Cup - 157.8
Roamer - mk2 172 - 154.7
Chris 172 - mk2 172 - 150.7
Kis 172 - mk1 172 - 150.3
MatBrown - 2L 16v - 148.0
Wally 1 - willy 1 - 144.5
Malc - willy 3 - 143.5
Ben H - 16v - 127.8
Rich Owens - Saxo VTS - 126.9
Ben J - 16v - 126.5
16v_Matt - 16v - 125.5
Ken - 16v - 123.3
Alec - 16v - 119.6
Derv - 16v - 112.7
PaulRobo - Clio GTT - 109.5
Bambam - 1.2 16v - 72.2
Fred2001 - 1.2 16v - 72.2

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Nice one Daz...loadsa pics.

I must get used to taking more photos now ive got a digi camera!!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Sounds like a good day was had !!

Does that mean all the rolling roads for all the areas have now been done ???

A list of the top cars from all the areas area should be compilied. In each type of car group i.e 16v, Willy, 172, 1.4 and so on !! With a list of mods. So we can see whats giving good power.

Ben H, Didnt get any more pics of yours! You reversed out of that car park bit, but then went off.. Was going to take some pics before you did!


Its Ok mate! You took enough of it anyway, so thanks for that. I just wanted one or two to post on here in future with the "new" Phase 2 wheels. Cheers.