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Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre, BANG !

  Clio 172
Guuuuttttted , I just pranged my pride and joy !:( :( :( :( .....:cry:

Stuck in the right hand lane going no where, so decided to move into the left hand lane once the traffic had cleared or do I thought when f**king white van came out of no where and bounced off the front corner of the car !!

In panic mode as my MOT expired on 13th, failed last sat, so going to get MOT tomorrow
(a backed dated one !)

Mind you I am surprised at how sturdy these 172's are, as the damage mostly appears to be a scratched wing and bumper with chip out of my zeon light (all of which will be fixed) but the van must be made from tin as it had a huge dent in the side !

Boo hoo
Backdated!!!! All on computer now aren't they?? Date stamped??

Suppose the garage could just alter the time and date on their computer?!!
  Clio 172
EvilJohn said:
mmm good luck getting it mot with serious body damage

Car sailed through the partial MOT as it only failed in the first test for a failed hand brake on 1 wheel. People were right about the MOT date though can't be changed due to the new computer system ?

Went to garage and it doesn't look like the MOT cert will need to viewed for the insurance work required anyway so I can stop flapping ! phew !!! All though the estimator has said the bumper, wing, zeon light and alloy wheel need replaced !! not cheap, luckily just have to pay the excess of £210

May I can sell the old parts on ebay as they are just scratched / scuffed
  Clio 172
certain items on the MOT test they give 10days to fix them before you have to get a full test done again

The partial retest still cost 20quid


Unlucky mate. Just be glad it wasnt a total loss. thats when the MOT would have been more of an issue.
  RenaultSport clio 18
I was under the impression that when you do not have a a valid MOT that you can only drive them to a prearranged MOT appointment and nothing else. Good luck anyway.