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Miss my Clio :(

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Havent been able to drive it properly for over a month now coz of the gearbox :( Taken it out for a couple of short slow drives, and wont be able to do that any more as its starting to get difficult to engage 2nd and 3rd at times :(. Just cant afford to fix it at the moment, and the Fiesta has just come off the road for the winter, and that needs tyres, steering u joint, discs, pads, and the altonator belt tightening :cry:

So its to the car I share with the parents for now... a Fiesta 1.3 Ghia lol. Need to work more hours, as I NEED the Willy back :D

Wow! There must be loads of us with cars off the road at the moment now.

Mines in pieces, sat on diddy 13" rims from my old 1.2 Clio as it needs to be rolled in and out of the garage while the proper wheels are being refurbished!

Hope you get a lovely Christmas bonus Louise and can get your Williams back on top form!