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MK 1 Dash swop?

Just looking through the pics on here with some of the William's car, would it be possible to transplant the dash into my RT? Has it been done or is it not an option? And what would be involved in the swap with re-wiring stuff etc??? Any help appreciated guys. :D
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Its all plug and play, wiring looms are the same through out the mk1 ,be it 16v or 1.2, all the connectors are there for the guages but most probably wont work as they engine wont have the sender units.

Simple enough, like nathanH said, take RT one off, sort out dials, put new one in. You just need some williams dials (the 3 that go where the clock is on the RT, your clock wil go down to the left of your heater dials. Then you just need to buy a new dash top.
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did that to my first clio, could never get the oil guages to work but the main dials speedo and revcounter worked fine, just the temp displace didnt give a read out
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its not possible to get the oil dials 2 work as the senders on the engine arent there! i tryed to do it, bought all the bits, even after sum told me it wasnt possible to do, i told my self i could do it but i had no luck u just cant do it with that engine so..... i boght a valver instead :D wat a good idea that was lol