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Mk.1 RSi - Information? Advice?

  Clio 1.4 RT
Basically near me there is a M reg black RSi for sale, the guy wants £375 ono for it. I dont know much about RSi's really, ive got a Mk.1 myself and i know my way around the engine pretty well but im assuming the RSi dosnt have the same engine/layout etc. Its got 3 Months tax and MOT. Obvious things to look out for are the obvious Mk.1 things. Its a bit chavvy at the moment, lowerd, alloys (which to be fair arent all that bad) tinted, aftermarket exhaust etc, but seen as ive already got my car i can swap a few bits about if needs be.

Help me please :)
  mk1 clio hybrid
the 1.8 8v is a pritty gud reliable engine so i wuld say dependin on mileage then buy it as they are quick for wat they are!
  wait and see ;)
110bhp iirc, nippy little thing for an 8v and they come with some nice side skirts if its an RSI like you said
  Clio 1.4RT
Yea there not to far behind valvers performance wise.
I like the RSi 5 spokes aswell, but i'm guessing you won't be getting them :p