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Mk 2 Sports Grill on my Dynamique

  04reg 1.2 Black Dynamique
Hi there, im new to this so still trying to get the hang of it!

I was wondering what people thought of putting a Mk2 clio sport grill on my Clio Dynamique. It's just the stock dynamique grill doesn't look very nice.

Also has anyone got a picture of their Dynamique with a sport grill on it?


Craig ;)
Seeing as you're a fellow Scottish member and you asked nicely...


Big improvement for the 1.2s, piece of piss to fit, they cost about £55 from Renault now IIRC, was only £45 back when I got mine.
  04reg 1.2 Black Dynamique
Cheers everyone, deffo buying them. Even though its a small mod it makes the front look so much better!
  1.2 16v Extream, Black
Hey im thinkin of doin this the dynamique bumper has like a bar running horrizontal at the bottom is it easy enough to take out ??


  One Phat Clio
Hello guys ive finally found the answer to my question, what does a non sport clio look like with a sport grill? !!

Very impressed, i really want to introduce this look to my clio! However, ive consulted a Renault Dealership and they claim there sport grills are £80 and require a sport bumper to attach too....

I've search Ebay found this link...

You guys have installed the grill and obviuosly know what the score is so will it fit my 1.4 dynamique + clio 2002 plate? If it does ill purchase for £50 aprox.

Thanks alot guys
It's nonsense about it not fitting without a sport bumper. It will fit yours, fits any MK2 Clio 2001 onwards.
  One Phat Clio
Niceone bud, my brother works at Renault, he said also the guy i spoke too had no clue.
Found these forums so i thought id drop the question, cheers.