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MK1 172 24k Service - How Much

  R5 Gordini Turbo

Aaaahhhhhh, but I get extras like the full valet with the stoat haired mitten. Anyhow, I do get change of 2 albino monkeys and a damp gerbil.

ChavyBoy, how do you fit the camel in your wallet. I have a devil of a time squeezing in the goat.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


I have a what is known in the trade as a TARDIS WALLET (Bigger on the Inside etc).

Git - The stoat haired mitten #### Goes into a day dream #### If only I had that !

Right Im off to have a word with the Servicing department

Just had mine at Renault Manchester.

Would of cost £203 if they had been allowed to change the cabin air filter but I had that done at the last service and it only needs doing every other service. So that brought the price down to £165.

Also told them not to touch the screen wash which saved a few more quid and supplied my own oil. So in the end bill was a Renault rip off £143.

They didnt change the air filter? Is this right, Id presume it needed changing every 12000 miles.

  R5 Gordini Turbo

The stoat haired mitten... What can I say, it is worth it. You know it makes sense. Just spend the extra money. I do, however, get a little p***ed off with the Skunk air freshener that they use