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Mk1 Clio Big Brake Kits

I have a Mk1 Clio which has 18" wheels on it and i am going put big brakes on it. The best price i have found is about £1000 from Hi Spec and that is for 325mm with billet 4 pot calipers, pads & hoses. Any bigger like 360mm they wanted nearly double that price as they said that it would have to be made as a custom kit.

Does anyone know if and where i can get a better deal as 325mm are not really big enough but i dont really want to pay nearly £2000 for 360mm.

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Find what disk they are using for a 360 etc MM disk and but them and have the brakcets made up so calipers fit the bigger diks. 360m disk might be difficult to find best bet is ones with exchngable outers from Demoen Tweeks but there not cheap will have a look in a second.