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Mk1 Clio oasis 1.2 Rev counter

i have a 1.2 Mk1 Ph1 Oasis that has NO rev counter i was just wondering if i got the dials outa of another mk1 clio with a rev counter will all the wires be there to make the rev counter work ???
yay :) what dials would i have to get ??? would they have to be outa of a mk1 ph1, ph2, ph3 ?? 16V williams?
Yep :) after reading ur post's we are in the same boat even the reason for wanting the new dials lol :)
im in ipswich you?
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it must b ur lucky day :p lol

i have got the dials i had in my 1.2 and they deffo 100% work! 140mph on the clock nd revs to 7000. got 95281 on the clock, any1 interested. there from a 1.4 rt i think. but the deffo work in a 1.2 mk ph1, im possitive they will work in a ph2 nd 3.
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i had 16v ones in my 1.2 worked fine, milage was just wrong though, looks good though if you were to sell it on and swap clocks back! lol!
sheepy said:
So i cant have my milage clock thing on a new set of dials? Hmmm where can I find dials with 31,000 miles
whys it matter just take the 31 dials out and when u go to sell the car put them back in and it will look like the cars only done 31 ;)