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MK1 Phase 2 clio 20vT

  Mk2 Golf Vr6Turbo
hi there can anyone give me any help i looking into putting the 20vt vw lump into my girlfriends car and was just wondering how hard is it and what is needed to mount it to the clio subframe etc ???

as i allways like to do my homework before i start things

thanks Paul

if anyone out there has done the conversion and are willing to help me i would be very greatfull of havin a chat with ya if its easyer you can add me to msn my addy is


  MK7 GTD & Mini GP
get in touch with Flan on or i think his username is nuttynutter?? on here... he has done the conversion sucessfully and i believe haitch off here owns the car now..

they are beasts!