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mk2 172 dash into a mk1 172

  Mk2 Golf GTI

Would this be a straight swap or would air con pipes etc be in a different position?

Any ideas how much it would cost?
  Mk2 Golf GTI

How often do written off 172s have the dash left intact (eg no air bag going off)?

It pisses me off that you have to replace the whole top half of the dash on the mk2!!

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

Ages ago I was working on a 182 and had the off and put it in my car for safe keeping and having a quick look you would certainly have to change everything. Anything plastic anyway! The vents are in the same place and electrics shouldnt be a huge problem if your competant with them cos you would just swap round the switches. The biggest problem I can think of is the aircon controls becoming climate controls. Possibly using a dynamique lower half dash would solve this though.

What differences are there between a 1.2 dynamiques dash and a mk2 172?
  172 cup'd extreme

some connectors are different on the phase 1 , j3ned swapped to a phase 2 loom and engine so it didnt matter , it wouldnt be impossible to do though i would make a phase1 look much more up to date imo
  Mk2 Golf GTI

TBH the dash and the 1.2-style rear bumper are the only things i dont like about the mk1.