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MK2 172 turning cycle

Hi, has anyone else noticed that the 172 turning cycle is really poor ?

I am compairing this to my 406, ZX volcane and golf gti.....



I think its to with having wider tracks, but the same steering rack as a regular Clio(?). My dads Volvo 960 does turning manouvers my Clio 16v could never do!

Hey Simon, i have to agree with you the clio 172 mk2 has possibly one of the worst tugning circles i have ever seen. It can become a bit of a hazard too because at times when you need to do a quick U-turn ends up being a full 3-point turn in the middle of the road.

I am not sure if the mk1 is any better-maybe its because it has 16s and renault have reduced the full lock to prevent the wheels scrubbing on the inner arches. I have been in smaller engined clio mk2s and they have a much better turning cirlce.

Can anyone explain why the 172 has such a poor turning circle???


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going from a 1.0 micra (which has one of the best turning circles) to a 172 really makes you notice the poor turning circle of the 172, my mums 1.2 clio isnt as bad (its a mk1) but its still poor in comparison to the micra.

Doesnt really bother me that much, I know what I can turn in now so i just make sure that the road is quiet or there is enough space.

You cant really do a U-turn at 130 anyway ;)

well I have no idea whether the Mk1 is better or worse, but it is certainly useless!!! It has a lousy turning circle, so from the sound of it they are probably about the same!! But, hey, you cant have everything perfect can you, and apart from this one small detail mine is perfect (in my opinion only, of course!!!!)

I believe the 172s turning circle is so poor due to the driveshafts necessery to cope with the torque, its embaressing doing those 11 point turns......
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Think bad turning circles ....think Phase 1 1.9 Diesel (My good wifes company carraige). Sounds like a tractor, drives like a tractor, rattles like a tractor and turns like a tractor ! However done 180K+ miles on original suspension and engine. Still going like an argricultural workhorse! Only major faults have been a dodgy injector and goosed heater matrix !;) Cant knock it for reliability. (Apologies to any diesel drivers ...I love all Clios ...honest!)

Flying Scotsman - I had one of them too!!! Not sure the turning circle is any different to the 172 - but the rest of what you say is true!!! But I loved it too! :D p.s. but not as much as I love the 172!
  Clio 1.6 16V

Just checked on the Reno official website. According to the tech specs ALL new Clio II models (ie. 1.2, 1.216V, 1.416V, 1.5dCi, Cup and 172 have a wall to wall turning citcle of 10.7m.....but then Ive spotted mistakes on their specs before!

Not sure what the figures are for the Clio I range?

Well I think the turning circle on the 172 is fantastic, however, my previous car was a Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo which had a turning circle not too dissimilar to the QE2.
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id agree with you all.............even my 1.2 16v doesnt turn very tight........its easier to get my astra van reversed in the drive and that doesnt even have PAS