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Mk3 Exhaust tail pipe

  1.2 TCE
I am going to get an exhaust system in the next couple of weeks and i can't decide what style tail pipe to get.

What do you think will suit it best?



(Mods i know this is an exhaust question but it's for appearance sake that i'm asking for help)
Don't think there are many options for a whole new backbox with the mk3.
Please don't say you are getting the halfords stick-ons???
  Homo spec mazda
The only option for them so far ive seen is a mongoose twin tail pipe.

I want to try something like f0xy's old prospeed off his 1.2 mk2 that fitted nice and flush with the bumper.
  Twingo rs133
Go and grt 1 made from yuor local powerflow dealer there sort u out with a nice system:D