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Mk4 Clio 220 Trophy - OEM exhaust required

  Classic mini P 996
Hello all.

Recently acquired a lovely Clio 220 Trophy, it's an ex K-tec car and was used to fabricate the turbo back exhaust, It sounds amazing cracks and pops and isn't too intrusive but I really want to get the OEM sound back for popping around a little more stealth !! I like a loud car but this is my daily school run etc and is a little too much for me! crazy the days i used to bomb about in a Decatted Clio Cup haha.

Can't find any standard system anywhere anyone know of any? I'll then sell the Ktec one.
  Clio 4 RS Trophy
I had mine with the stock exhaust and I found it too quiet, to be honest. It is my only car.

I got lucky enough to find an Akrapovic for sale and immediately bought and istalled it.

Super happy with the result.

Mine is a Euro 6 BTW.


ClioSport Club Member
worth pricing up with renault they are a hit and a miss with exhausts i got a full 172 system from them for about £200 then checked a 182 system and it was about a grand lol.

Mine had the standard system and i thought it sounded perfect! nice note when going for it and nice and quite about town
  Classic mini P 996
Cheers for the replies,

I will give renault a call and see what they say.

If anyone has a system knocking about in there garage taking up space drop me a line

  clio rs mk4
i have a euro 6 clio rs 200t not the 220t trophy and i chopped out my centre silencer to make mine louder. you see some show up on gumtree or ebay just not full system.


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  Clio 200 RS EDC
I'd probably keep what you have and reintroduce the middle silencer.