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Mobile phone insurance claim

Ive got mobile phone insurance with lloyds tsb on my bank accont, about to give them a call sayin ive losy my phone

Anyone got any experience doin this? Is it just as easy as ringin them up and saying youve lost the phone and dont know where it is?
Yeah im covered for loss, didnt know about the loss property ref thought u only called them if you'd had it stolen.

Im sure ive got the receipt still, box is in my room anyway with the IMEI on it n all tht
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Just go in the local police station and say you want to file in a lost mobile, they take your details, and details of phone and give you a refrence number job done..

takes less than 2min's to do, did it just before x-mas last year as i left my phone on top of the car and drove off :(
i lost my phone in a prodigy concert (dont try and film whilst at the very front!) rung up orange let them know so they could to their stuff like cancel the phone etc then went to the police station got a reference number and went to the carphone warehouse and had a new phone in 20 mins :D but you will have to ring tsb