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mobile touch up sprayers

  white leon cupra R
na but need the car every day really
might go to the body shop also depending on price
  white leon cupra R
lol the mobile one from revive just been round soooooo exepensive 180 for the rear bumper and 80 for the front these scratches are that small that price is a joke think i might get a racing blue touch up pen


ClioSport Club Member
  Jaguar XFR
If there deep and you can feel it properly with your finger nail then bodyshop. Otherwise wetsand it
  white leon cupra R
thats the price for less than quarter the the bumper

ive only got 3 little scratches on the rear quarter
  Mini Cooper S
I managed to get out a very deep scratch on my bumper with my Kestrel.

Give it a go if you have a machine polisher/no anyone with one.
  white leon cupra R
john i think ive got his card in the car
the scratch on the front is about 2" max lol at £80