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modded 182

  clio i think
what do you lot reckon of this clio 182, think it looks ok IMO




and a new pic of mine

  Abarth Grande Punto
^^^ agreed, with dick tbh, looks well finished thou

  clio i think
i was from romford, now in dagenham heathway. should change my name to clio_dagenham
use to live near the Brewery, worked in JD sports for a while
  Artic Blue 182FF
standerd looks so much better why do that to a 182, could kinda understand with a 1.2. looks s**t tbh.
  Iceberg 172
i assume the red one is a dynamique or whatever? Sunroof :)

the black one isnt too bad. Not too OTT and a couple of nice touches
  clio i think
cheers for the comments, i know cliosport is for mainly standard cars. just wanted to see your reactions.

cliosport members think a nice car is , if i'm correct - 16s, color coded, lowered, silvervisions and cup spoiler'd. and of course clean.

everytime i come on this site, all i see is a clean standard clio sport on your media page.
kinda boring. might as well log onto for a pic of a brand spanking new clio, cleaner then any of you will ever get it i'm afraid.
  clio i think
better to see a standard clio than a modded i hear you say, well some people like to modify their car as a hobby, don't just slate them. not everybody wants to be a boring old man driving a standard looking clio.
ps i'm from romford, but i'm no boyracer. you lot probably go out cruising more in your clio than me even though i have modified mine.
different .......... not for me , bit ott , some bits defo wicked , but then let down by others , cant criticise too much as mine similar , like marmite , you love or hate it :eek:
Clio_romford said:
cheers for the comments, i know cliosport is for mainly standard cars. just wanted to see your reactions.

In which case you knew that 99% of reactions would be bad.

IMO both cars look s**t, but as long as you like them then that's all that matters, just dont post pictures of modified cars in the CS forum and expect people to like them. You already knew the responses you would get, so why bother getting all defensive? :)
Dont like either of them, as for CS only having standard cars on it what a load of tripe. Just because on the whole people on here go for subtle changes doesnt mean the cars arent modded. Some of us prefer not to roll about in something with tractor sized wheels and bodykits that people point and laugh at when we're driving about. And as for that bonnet on the 182 being extended like that i hope the bloke suffers overheating problems, what a r****d blocking off something that feeds cool air to the enginebay.
I dont like either.

You have to question the reasoning behind buying a hot hatch then sticking wheels on it that are too big reducing cooling to the engine by getting rid of the front grill and making it so low that an attack on a B road would have you shreading all that fibreglass over the slightest bumps.

If you buy a 182 go out and drive it, dont stick bits all over it. Thats my opinion anyway........
  Black 172 Sport
I like the black one, not keen on the side skirts though.

As for the red one, looks better in the flesh than it does in pictures. I think it was you in Chadwell St Mary Tesco garage a couple of days ago, i went past as you were pulling out. Looks cool mate.

Couple of bits i want to do to mine, mainly the 182 body kit and exhaust, but i dare say there will be a few bits that i do to her that won't get the thumbs up on here but at the end of the day its your car and your allowed to mod it how you see fit.
  clio 182 FF
I would feel like a complete chav with my burberry cap on driving either one of those, what a waste, sorry bud not my cup of tea
  182, SRT8, RS4, GT-R
Some parts look good and others not. Those side skirts are too busy,i like the smoothed rear tailgate though but as most of the others said....why do this to a 182 which is designed for thrashing around and hooligan driving down B roads? Won't get too far in either really.

Everyone has different tastes though i guess,looks a neat/tidy finish just seems inappropriate on a 182.