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modding my cat

  monaco 172
The olive joint seriously annoys me on this car at the cat to center section joint. The fact it seems to blow alot and also that it drops down to 2" restricting flow.

So ive been thinking.

With the 2.25" sleeve adapter which ktec supplied me with when i bought my janspeed supersport could i cut off the olive joint on the cat and on the end of the sleeve adapter, weld the adapter onto the cat and hey pretso id have a sleeved cat with a true 2.25" exit to match my exhaust system? This would then just slot into the center section and be able to be clamped up?

Or am i just going mad.


ClioSport Club Member

not going to lie. was hoping for something more like this
  monaco 172
Mines already straight through anyway but yeh that's pretty much what I mean with the cat. My cat is an aftermarket and the joint it's right on the end so it's going to be difficult to weld the 2.25" pipe on I think.
  Clio 182 Trophy. No. 189
Had mine done at a local fabricators rather than going decat, seems to make a good improvement and well rated by Mark Fish............
  monaco 172
What the same idea I'm thinking?

I might aswel go decat because my crappy vortex cat doesn't seem to pass emissions anyway lol but its just the volume that annoys me and the standard joint is crap.