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More Miles - 172 feel quicker/better

Done 2100 miles in my 172 now. Have you guys noticed a difference in your 172s after putting the miles on it ? Does it feel looser/better/quicker ? Not that I am saying that mine feels slow now but I want to know if I can expect it to get quicker with the more miles I rack up ?
  320d M Sport

Yeah for sure, Ive done 6500 now and its flying lately (152bhp @ Wheels) feels much looser. Rhys (RT172) says his felt ,much loser all the way upto 10,000 miles.

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Sh1t they get faster!

I left a 2.2 Prelude for dead today and had some harmless fun with an old style M3. I think I will just go for a drive then and add more miles. :D

Ive had a fantastic improvement from 7200 miles to 9100 miles. The whole engine feels more willing/looser/revvy and it keeps getting better. I have been making an effort to drive it quite hard in recent miles and Im hoping itll continue to improve up to and after its next service.


This is all good news ! Mine does feel a little tight sometimes but with only 2100 miles on the clock then you can expect that. Been ragging it a lot more lately just because it is soooooooooo much damn fun !

Do you think that they do something during its first service to sort of un-restrict it as people have suggested that it feels quicker after this ?

Still amazes me that you get standard Escorts and the like taking you on ! I had a Suzuki Swift have a go on a busy road the other day, he was downright dangerous tho ! Swerving all over the place, best to leave those muppets well alone !
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I very much doubt they do anything to restrict the car before the first service - BenR can confirm this for certain though. This engine just seems to get better & better though.

Looking at all the different rolling road results from last weekend, it would be interesting to know which cars have done a lot of trackdays etc. MarkBs car car out very highly as I remember, and I know that hes done his fair share of trackdays. Maybe this is one explaination for the differences - if you dont thrash the engine it never delivers its full potential.

BTW Daipac Im @ work trying to repair the share price! I may be here some time LOL.
  320d M Sport

Mine was highest 172, never done a trackday, although there are some ace roundabout near me......