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more strange 16v clunking noises

my 16v went straight through the MOT last week but this morning it has developed a knocking noise, it seems to knock a little bit when stopping or gently blipping the throttle, its almost sounds as if the is somthing loose swinging around as it sometimes knocks twice, i had a quick look under the bonnet and couldnt see anything obvious, and its not in time with the engine revs or wheels turning/brakeing,

im puzzled, i except that Renaults have thier fair share of squeeks and rattles but this is noticable and has started all of a sudden

im hoping someone can help


This is exactly what I have!!!!!!

WOW!! Someone else finally has this same annoying problem as me. Sorry mate but havent any good news - cannot tell for sure what it is, but seems to be exhaust-related.

I reckon its a catalyst gasket seal or a manifold to downpipe gasket myslef. Will tell you for sure when I have it seen to in the next 2 weeks.

Has taken me ages to isolate though - went through all the engine mounts and diffs - and its still there!!

Aha! I thought I was going mad - that sounds like waht mine does. It only seems to be when I brake, at first I thought it might be the exhaust knocking, a mate rekcons it might be a warped brake disk but I have no idea but admitadly i havent had a good investigation into it...
It doesnt seem to have affected the way the car handles or brakes though - its annoying more than anything, same as you it passed its MOT with no probs so I presume its not life threatening - yet!!

i jacked mine up one side at a time last night and one side would give a single clunk if you brake when the wheel was turning, but i cant see where it would be coming from with the brakes, and i reckon it might be drive shaft related, its most noticable at low speed stop starting in slow traffic,

it drive me insane when i cant work out whats wrong with it, it just dowent seem like exhaust to me, but through process of elimination BenH has had new drives shafts etc recently, also his exhaust is differnt to mine also, im trying to rule ouit brakes as although it seems like it should be i just cant work out how, my wheel bearing is new that side also, i will keep you all posted as im having more peole looking at it over the weekend, (it went straight through the MOT without a single fail on Friday just gone????