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Motor Sport Events Ltd Academy Day

Ive just read on the braking thread about these Academy days, can the people who did the last give me some more info please. Ive been on the website so know what the day entails, but could you give your thoughts on it. How much track time did you get, how where the intructors etc.

The next academy day is on Thursday 31st October, is anyone else interested in doing it with me? The day costs £79 and is at Heyford in Oxfordshire. For more info [URL=][/url]

Also to the people who did it last time, how did your car stand up? Did you trash your tyres? How is the surface of the airfield, did you get many stone chips?



Hi Stu,

I went to the last Heyford day with Roamer and telford_mike. It was a very, very good day and for £79 I dont think you could go better. We covered lots of car control things with several exersises - oversteer/understeer - emergency braking - getting the ABS working (which was a first for me). Slalom course (my fav exersise!), high speed runs and a track session at the end.

Sign on was 10am and we were still there at 6pm! The surface is harsh concrete - so wear on the tyres is high. I didnt have problems with stone chips - but in my experience the M1 seems to be the worst place for that!! Me and Mike did have a little fight with a cone whilst pushing it hard on the understeer exersise! That smashed the inner sh1t guard under the front wheel arch - easily fixed though.

Highly recommended mate plus you get to mingle with some exotic machinery. Had a big smile on my face all the way home!!

Oh and by the way - once you have done one event with these guys you get £20 of all following events!


I had better do some head scratching.. Ive just booked a track day at Donington in November - but I really fancy this too. Cant do both. This is half the price..decisions decisions..

I might go down to this one (again), cos it was a smart time, and probably my last time to do some hard driving off public roads this year......