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motor-world... what a bunch of boi racers

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
orderd my apex springs 3 weeks ago and they still have not arrived,

wrung them this morning and they said they should be with them today and they will phone to let me know either way.... well its 6.25pm now

whole point of goin there was to save postage costs,, should have used an online place

grrrrr lol
  Monaco Blue Mk2
I don't wanna rub your nose in it or anythin but vennom motorsport (online) are about £82 delivered IIRC. Delivered a day or two after you order. Just ring motorworld tomorrow an tell them to shove it up their arse and order off vennom.
  Golf R32
I have been to a few of the motor-world places and tbh I think they are sh!te.

The staff are kids who seem to know nothing technical granted a few know their stuff but the majority don't.

Their stock range is pitiful - seems like they buy all their stock off the one supplier, I know because years ago I worked in a similar shop very much like it before I went to work for a dealers.

The shops just seem to feel cheap inside aswell and I never feel any compulsion to browse - just get what I need, if they even have it and leave


thats how i often feel and i work there how about that hope your not calling me a kid that dont know s**t??;)


  LY 200
They don't keep them in stock thats why, they should have told you that when you placed your order, didn't they ??
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
they told me 5-7 working days this is the 3rd week now !! so that 15 working days today :(

if there not in tomorrow i will get my deposit back and give that venom a go (blue4ever) have you got a web addres ??

The motorsport was the one in wigan
  '18 Megane dci
Speak to Alan at Pemberton Tyres in Wigan, top bloke, will get you anything you want -- 01942 222413 :)
  172 cup'd extreme
Dave Cli02 said:
Speak to Alan at Pemberton Tyres in Wigan, top bloke, will get you anything you want -- 01942 222413 :)

Pemberton tyres are a bunch of gimps imo sold my mate a set of alloys in the wrong offset with no sprigots, he went back once i had told him, they didnt want to know
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
pemperton tyres are ok as far as a tyre place goes, but that alan there can talk some right s**t !!

ive had some bad experiences there too !! he puts all the more expensive jobs in front of you, was waiting there to get seen to for aout half an hour for a place on the ramp, a range rover sport pulls in and drives straight on !! he had not booked alan just saw ££££

i would go out of my way NOT to use them,,, the lad who did all the exhausts there who had the evo/jetta was ok but now he has left :( its now all run by boi racers and ALAN


  LY 200
Did they say they will be available in 5-7 days or approx ??

TBH I don't know anywhere that keeps these in stock so you will still probably have to wait elsewhere if you get your deposit back.
  RS Megane DCi 175
Kinsella - I'm from Wigan also, as bad as Motorworld is, its still better than the Halfrauds round the corner!
Whereabouts in Wigan are you btw? I think I've seen you around!
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
i phoned back to see how long they will be and i got passed over from boy racer to boy racer to manager/boy racer...

he said there has been a delay and there going to be atleast another 2 weeks so i said so i will have waited 5 weeks ??? yes

i said give me my deposit back !! deposit is now back and im going to give venom a ring :)

lol idiots - sounds like they did not even order them and would have done today
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
hey matt im from Hindley Green but im always around wigan :) i have a blue cup with trophy wheels - soon to be lowerd haha
  RS Megane DCi 175
Hindley Green! Unlucky! :rasp: hehe
Yeah I'm sure I've seen you about, there aren't many Cups in and around Wigan so it was probably you - I've got a Hologram grey Dynamique on superleggeras.
  Mustang, S13, AX GT
not to rub it in, but motor-worl near me are really good, got my springs in 3 days :)