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Mounting Fire Extinguisher


ClioSport Club Member

Im racing this weekend and my usual mount has serious oil pressure issues so it looks like im going to have to enter the 182 Cup.

Ive bought myself a 1.75L Lifeline Handheld Race Extinguisher, just incase, that comes with a mounting cage and restraining strap, im now just wondering where to mount it (no dodgy comments there! :oops: ).

At the moment I think im going to tap into the bar along the front of the base of the passenger seat where the sub frames are bolted to, if theres enough clearance for me to move the seat forwards and backwards when its in place, there seems to be quite a bit of space but this Extinguishers pretty big!! looks like it should be wall mounted!!

Has Anyone else had experience of bolting in Extinguishers? and if so where have you positioned them?



Be interested to know how the 182 gets on this weekend, also how much did you strip down the interior? Been looking on the MSA site and looks good fun.
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Simon - thats the exact place I mounted mine in my Cup when I had a small hand held extinguisher.

For circuit racing my extinguisher has to be within reach while you are strapped in(with harnesses). Dont know if hill climb regs are any different?