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moving to Brighton


Mid December Im moving to Brighton, anyone from up that way!!

Im not going to know anyone up there, so if anyone can give me info on where the cruises are etc that would be great - :) gonna need to meet some new peeps!! Cheers Mel xx

Hi, im in Brighton as well! Dont really do cruises (prefer the race track or 1/4 miling) but there is quite a big cruise following here. But if you ever wanna convoy up to meets then let us know..

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Yeah come and join us on the sunny south coast!!! Get in the shandy drinking habits!!

Whereabouts you moving from and why (if I can be so cheeky)??
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Im in Hassocks/Haywards Heath (depending on whether you want my official or unofficial address?!?!)... :confused:

Up for a meet or two if anyone wants...
  Williams 2, STi N12

Chavy, Batesyboy is/was my flatmate and I persuaded him over to the DARKSIDE of the force!!
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Lets put it into perspective... its MY flat and Anders was MY flatmate but is now MY lodger!!

Its killing him that his rent is paying for my 172... ;)

Moving up from Chelmsford, Essex as my boyfriend has got a job transfer to Brighton, so we are leaving everything behind and going for it. Going to look at flats on Saturday, and should be up there mid december. Gonna be a massive change as we dont know anyone there at all. Maybe when we get up there we could meet for a drink, going to need to know where to go and where not. Looking at a flat opposite the palace pier so should be very central. See you soon then....:D

We be sorry to see you guys leave Chelmsford. As I said on forgford we have to met up for a drink before u guys leave. I go to Eastboard a fair bit as my mate goes uni there.


:D:D:D:D:D:D:DI wish u two all the best:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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Hi Mel

Im based just outside Eastbourne

Not far from Brighton - I get over quite a lot more for the shopping more than the cruise scene.

Every Saturday night the cruisers converge down on Madeira Drive - not far from the pier.

Accomadation in Central Brighton - V expensive - sh!t parking & noisy

and yes Brighton does have a large gay community.

Anytime you fancy meeting up for a chat/drink/shopping

pm me and ill give you my mobi number

Welcome to the Sunny South Coast


Went up there for the day yesterday house hunting, what a mission to park nearlly 2 hours to get a space and never managed to see any flats - nightmare!

Stayed up there for the evening but Maderia Drive had been shut off by the police :(although we did see quite a few phat motors driving down the front.

Have to meet when we move down there then, see u soon Mel:D

Brighton born and bred Mel. Its an ok place really, a mini London, or so they say.

Property down here is well over priced, bad time to move mate.

Maderia Drive ( or The Strip ) is fine if your 17 and drive a Nova, not the place for a classy Clio!



Cheers guys, will miss you all! Have to get that anglia meet done before I go, leaving weekend of 7th December (i think) Are we going to sort out a gathering then!!! Sothend or something!!

brigton is great..i can wear my fab super bright orange top with no one batting an eye..unlike boring Bristol.......

mel - clare and i will be sad to see u and alex go but we wish u all the best & we should all meet up for a drink or something befor u depart