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MP3 CD on itunes

  Inferno 182
What am i doing wrong in trying to burn one?
I make a playlist,then highlight all tracks and click on 'create mp3 version' which it converts then when i click burn disc it checks the playlist then 'displays it cannot burn mp3 files which are not mp3
If i click on 'get info' on the converted songs it says its a 'mpeg' file

So how do i make one and be able to select the diff albums all will it just become one massive album?



ClioSport Club Member
  Octavia vRS
I think the problem is that the songs in your playlist are still the original .wma (or whatever) format. You need to create a new playlist with the new mp3s.
  Inferno 182
I think that is what i am doing as i click and highlight it blue then 'create mp3 version' i have tried this twice now so have got the orignal converted 'aac file' and 2 'mpeg' versions of every track i converted