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Just wanted to know the mpg you are getting using optimax. Since it arrived here in Aberdeen ive filled up everytime with it, about 7-8 tanks i think. Im getting a slight drop in MPG. I thought it was supposed to give a better MPG, please correct me if im wrong. whats your fellings about it? i also dont notice any real advantage in performace. The only reason im using it is that its supposed to be better for my engine i think

over the last 2404 miles, i have been using Optimax.... just to see what happens when, in a few months time, i stop using it for a bit..and use normal unleaded... (i suspect nothing!!!!)

32.45 miles per gallon so far...

what were / are you getting....

b4 i started using optimax i would get 30-34 MPG now im getting 27-30 MPG. do you notice any performance advantage??? I do quite a lot o city driving. what about you


ive run it solely on optimax since I bought it.... (few months ago)

i will let you know what if anything happens when i stop using it !!!

having said that... i ran my vr6 on it for a while an noticed ZERO change in performance !!

my driving mainly is a 14 mile trip into work... dont really do much more than 60mph on the way in (due to traffic!!)..... fair amount of stop start at traffice lights / jams etc.... then the same journey home but usually better traffic !!!

this equates to 267 miles per tank
  Ford Fiesta

most Ive ever had when running in was 48.3MPG then it went to 47.8 normal driving recently dropped to 47.7mpg because of colder weather I presume??? always on Optimax

I know a few people running on Optimax and I get mixed veiws from it. They mainly follow a common suit though.

Jap car owners NEED optimax, their cars are designed to run high octance and they see a TRUE difference, but only in performance, not MPG.

A couple of the V6 brigade to whom swear by optimax, yet again, only for power, even when driving conservatively they still use more fuel.

Clio 172 owners, sorry, tried both fuels and cant say I noticed a difference, until I got in a 16v that had been properly set up on the rollers for his mods, and USING HIGHER OCTANE FUEL.

In summary, use optimax if u want, if u aint got a Jap car or a car setup to run on super unleaded run it on the cheaper stuff, whats the point in giving the government more feckin TAX TO WASTE!

Sorry to rant but really dont see the difference.

Oh,, and BTW, if u guys cared about MPG you would all be driving Dcis or 1.2 16vs not 172s! lol


Do you have a 172??? Do you know what it says in the inside of the filler cap? Ill tell you, 98 RON, Ill keep filling my car with the reccomended RON rating.

BTW, I used to fill up with Super Unleaded before Opitmax made it to Scotland, occasionally the car would react really badly to it, giving no pull low down, Ive never had this with optimax, so yes I have had a perfomance gain.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah, mine also has a sticker on the filler cap saying 98 recommando or something. I noticed that it idles like a boat using 95 octane boat juice....

I found that optimax burns quicker, if you use it occasionally I think you notice a small burst but you do get used to it and then the novelty wears off.

Is there a difference between premium and optimax?

Ive been using Mobil premium (i think its called 8000), and thats 98 RON. Is Optimax any different, or is it just shells premium?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I reckon Optimax is just Shells premium (aka Super Unleaded over here) - maybe with a cleaning agent thrown in. The thing is its cheaper than eveyone elses SUL! I dont care what anyone says - it does make a difference over ordinary unleaded in my car. As Teady said - Renault specify 98RON so why put anything else in?

Optimax is only about 2% stronger than unleaded! So only expect your fuel consumption to rise 2%!!! i.e. 30mpg ---> 30.6 mpg!!!!

Plus when using it ive found that my foot feels a bit heavier than usual!!!!

So dont expect any results as noticeable as that!!(.6)...

Its just so darn hard to find! Especially around the Oxford area where there do not appear to be too many Shell garages. Can anyone confirm that BP have bought out a 98Octane rated fuel as havent seen one myself?

Also I remember a while ago that some knocked up a spreadie of all the shell garages around the UK and their locations. Ive tried searching but to no avail...?

Any help very gratefully recieved!

EVO ran a test on Optimax a few months back and got measureable performance gains, along with other noticeable improvements - cleaner engine, etc.

Ive run my Mk2 172 on Optimax from new. Whenever Ive been forced to use normal unleaded Ive always noticed a performance drop, especially when ragging the car/using the full revs.
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Treated my valver to BP SUL and it is 98 Ron. Seemed to go better but MPG went down. I was having fun though !