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Mrs calls me an addict

My wife thinks I am a speed addict. No, not the amphetamine kind but the kind when ya cant notice much improvement:

The case:

After getting my decat, I notice no difference in power gains. I hit the power when a newish Vauxhall of some discription sits on my bumper and p@ss on his fireworks. My mrs nearly somersaults into the back seat feeling the extra torque/power that the decat has given our Willy2. I personally couldnt feel any which she says, and I quote, " You are dangerous then. You must be a speed addict if you cant feel the difference in power ".

Was just really wondering, anyone else like this ?. Cant really feel the gains. I mean, I know the gains are there with the chip and decat, but buggered if I can actually feel the difference ?.


LOL.... Its because your driving mate, I never really feel how fast a car is if your driving. just now and again look at your speedo go up quickly.

rockport, (sorry mate forgot your real name, been a while since we met)

Nope, What I meant was, with the chip I noticed a diffence the way the revs built up quicker, the smoothness and the race with the Elise made me realise, In actual feel though, not really THAT noticable. Maybe its because I previously had an Uno Turbo and when I whacked the boost up to 18psi :cool:, The difference was mindblowing.

Steve, I hear ya. I presumed it was because I was driving, maybe I need to sit in the passenger seat. Everyone says how my Willy2 pins them to the chair, I personally cant feel it at all. Maybe i just have a numb body ? :).

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I completely agree with you there - no matter what ive done to my car, ive never felt that its quicker - i mean, the 16v ive got now has had cams, Chip, head work, exhaust de-cat, induction but i cant tell if its any faster then my old standard 16v - i only put an induction kit and full exhaust (with de-cat) but it was no quicker then when i had it standard i swear!!

I think i just get used to it really quickly!!!

The only difference i noticed on any car was having my boost increased on the 5 from 9psi up to 20 - you cant help but feel that lol!!!

lol.... I think its the same for everyone aint it? ... I think its just because your driving and you have the wheel in ya hands, you know when and how much your pressing the gas and when and how much you brake. so everyone has moving heads in ya car but you just sit there thinking man I wonder if i could get a twin turbo conversion.......
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So your bird cant feel the power of your willy then???? Try harder mate!!!! (sorry couldnt resist!!!)

Quote: Originally posted by Fred2001Dynamic on 16 January 2003

So your bird cant feel the power of your willy then???? Try harder mate!!!! (sorry couldnt resist!!!)
ha ha... I like ! lol ! :D


Its like takin medication they give half of the patients a dummy drug and the other half the real thing to see the difference, the half who got the dummy drug actual think they are taking the real thing and therefore believe and convince themselves that its working........................

You work out the rest (of course the noise has alot to do with it)

Quote: Originally posted by Fred2001Dynamic on 16 January 2003

So your bird cant feel the power of your willy then???? Try harder mate!!!! (sorry couldnt resist!!!)

Fred, in answer to that I have been married for 20 years come August, so you probably right, one of us has worn (eroded) out?

Cup, damn mate. The placebo had no effect on me.

On the bright side, I am now going record the sounds of tvrs and suchlike and sell them to the likes of you for big bucks.

Listen to that roar :)

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Bill, I think you would have noticed the effect of the de-cat if you had put it on before getting your willy chipped

I certainly felt the difference on mine!



Maybe youre right. I spose it could be a case of just adding to the chip so I didnt notice that much. Oh well, Mrs assures me there is a big difference, so I best not argue with her eh? :).



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bring your car to my house and i be a passenger in my 1.4rt then i will drive your willy with u in the passenger and then u can see if its fast if not i will keep ur willy and u can have my rt.



Im the same, but if your driving your looking off to the road ahead holding the steering wheel but a passenger isnt. When my mate got a scoob it felt like warp factor 9 in the passenger seat but when i got to drive it it felt quite slow - stopped me buying one as whats the point of spending all that money if it isnt going to "feel" faster.



Seeing as I couldnt feel the extra power before I decided to use a trusty stopwatch and with My wife beside me, to do some loosely timed 0-60 tests.

Now I am not going to tell what times we put in as a stopwatch is in noway ideal for testing 0-60s but all I am gonna say is I shaved over a second on my before the chip and decat times. I noticed the power curve in 1st went thru the roof. I pulled away as normal, working with the clutch to minimise wheelspin, it was when I had actually started moving that I let my foot off the clutch and planted the throttle that I found where the differences are. The bloody car was mental....dragging me where it wanted to go. Got to about 4k and bosh !, like a turbo had kicked in !. Even with this wheelspin I managed a stopwatch 0-60 time far better than I did before. When I learned how to control the horses I was easily shaving more than a second off my previously timed 0-60 runs.

So the conclusion, I never really had time or chance to really test the car to its full potential until this morning. I now must say that I Highly recommend anyone who has a Willy or valver to get a chip and decat.

When I 1st joined here I was in the league of the dont touch the Williams clan. Now, the story is different !