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multistalk adapters?

  Rb 182
anyone know how to fit the multi stalk adapter for the steering remote on a 04 plate 182, its got i brown plug, one black plug, and a long red plug, plus a smaller black plug with 4 wires on it, cheers
  Audi A3 TDI 170 B.E.
It only take about 20mins to remove the dash, should be a guide on here.

11 torx screws, A pillar cover come off and dash just pulls to the rear of the car.
hey im having the same problem, I have the PC99 X12 except my head unit is kenwood.

i bought the patch lead and harness and i have the stereo working with my ipod (the aeriel cable is in shreds no idea why but dont care about radio anyway) however the stalk controls arent working and i dont know why.

the clock seems to be working, track info isnt displayed i dont think but then again im not bothered about that either.

all i want is for my stalk controls to work with the stereo; i have read about having to take the dash apart, but seemingly that is to change a wire on the display.

the only plug at the minute which seems to need connecting is a long red one with a single row of pins - only 4 (i think) of which seem to have a wire attached. what is this for? if it is the display how come it is coming out of the steering wheel control adapter?

mt audio another question for u if u dnt mind

ive got the dash off and i see the red plug i need to take out, but ill be damned if i can get it out, there are no clips either, how does it come out??

im afraid to pull it hard because the display thing seems pretty fragile
there is a clip to it,a tiny grey bar tilts 90 degrees to undo and you have to press in a tiny slat on the red plug for the grey bar to move then the whole plug can be removed