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my 0-60 speedo video

  mk2 172

just been out and filmed myself, which was incredibly difficult!, its on a perfect flat country road which hasnt been gritted so i had to launch from zero rpm just about, i reckon its sub 7 secs easy too, well impressed condiering the circumstances and how hard it is to control and change gear. thing is i cant host it so if someone else can ill e-mail it to ya. its only 276 kb

  mk2 172

yeah, if you time it from when i lift the clutch(not when i hold the revs at about 1-1.5k its sub 7 easy(i did it myself a few times too)
  mk2 172

not bad eh mate, got no rev counter either, i know its does very low sixes, dare i say flat six when i get grip and have my hands free, definately get that easy at york where theres good grip
  mk2 172


hillpower stage 1 chip


very rattly sh*t fitting scorpion exhaust(you can here it on the vid)

some people reckon its got other mods than what ive done but i cant see it myself. but who knows eh.............

  320d M Sport

Nice one Craggy, it certainly is a quick in Gods name did you manage to film that????

Sounds nice BTW!

  mk2 172

with great difficulty! it was swervin like a pist up grandad on a pushbike! try steering whilst holding a camera and trying to aim it, very hard!, hopefully ill have a vid of me racing an elise and hopefully a silver prodrive impreza soon if theyll come out to play(its a work mate)....
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Nice one mate, although I had the pleasure of riding in the real thing the other day! Shame there was no-one about to play!

p.s havent had chance to go to the DVLA yet, ill let you know as soon as !

  mk2 172

ok mate, ive got the sh*tty smashed up plates on for now so im legal, very tempted to put the other on though!

Right im doing a video on my nokia tonight, wish me luck....

Ill post later...... 0-60 i guess low 7s........lets wait and see

i have digital video recording facilities on my phone (7650), if i dont do it tonight i will post 2moro.

wish me luck!
  mk2 172

i dont know these flash phones nowadays, i think my 3330 is good!, good luck mate. how much does a video phone cost in the shops then?


still got my ftp up, got this vid with loads of others, upload aswell if uve got some u wanna share

ftp login details: user:cliosp pass:cliosport port:5627

right far too wet tonight for playing in my car, will wait for tomorrow till its dry.
  BMW 320d Sport

If only I had a vid camera Id do a 0-100 run for you...good work Craggy my friend, how on earth you managed to get it videod as well I dont know! It definitely looks like you start going at just past 1 second on the video timer and finish at around 8. so sub 7 seconds at least
  mk2 172

cheers peeps, i think my main advantage is that my vid camera has a flip out tv screen attached to it so i can see whats happening but its hard to even watch thar cos of all the other things i had to do, anyway, you wanna see all the out-takes! i did a 0-90 but its lookin all over the car it moves that much, and theres another 0-60 which is mainly the reno badge on the steering wheel. if i do a 100 one ill have to have a passenger to film it
  mk2 172

lmao mate, havent a clue, im gonna ring the dvla and see if frank was a previous owner cos he smashed his willy 1 up!

i make it bang on 7secs est! with my stopwatch on phone! its hard to get it started on time though!

quality though!

hope to test mine once its run in!



whatever it is i like the sound of it :D

not too keen on the non working rev counter tho!!!!

I tried 0-60 in mine lastnight, but it dont go through the speed clock like urs did, maybe i wasnt bouncing the rev counter in first 2 gears.

will see tonight after i have my exhaust fitted today hopefully!