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My 172’s been keyed AGAIN

About two weeks ago I posted to say that some little b*stard had keyed my 172 outside my house, and its happened again last night. To make things worse I saw the little tw*ts do it this time and they were about 11 years old.

I mean, what the hell can I do??? If I catch the kids and threaten them theyll probably just come back and wreck my car completely, and theres no point telling the police because I know for a fact they wouldnt do a thing - and probably cant anyway because the kids are too young.

I suppose the only good thing about the second scratch is its the same place as the last and thank god I didnt have the other repaired yet. Any chance of some sympathy please. :( :mad: :(

I think you need to make sure they dont do it again. I know theyre only young, but they could do with learning a grown up lesson.

Beat the crap out of them with a baseball bat and leave them lying in a pool of their own brains


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Ive had a similar problem like that - saw some little scally trying to break into my car. I grabber the fooker whilst my mate called the police. Police came but did f**k all!!!!! as he hadnt broken anything they couldnt prove he tried to break in.

Then about 30 minutes later he came back wid his "brudda" and threatened to kill me and all my mates and then chop off our heads,

Which was nice.
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Steve, youve been playing FAR too much Vice City..!

If they live near you Id suggest you go and beat the crap out of their father... have the BB gun in your pocket in case hes bigger than you though ;)

Muchos Sympathos to Monsieur Hype...

Yeah but then you run the risk of having to play hide the sausage with Big Bubba in her majestys prison....... that sux ! Too many punks around these days, no respect at all but what can you do ? Not much !

Sorry to hear that tho......
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Hype catch the fookers then find out where they lived then drop a nice little repair bill round their place if they dont pay up scrap fook out of their parents car and leave your car round some friends.


Put a little note in your side window - To whom it may concern - saying you have taken photographs of them, and that if you see the little sods anywhere near the car again, you will give the evidence to the police.

Just a thought...........

Seriously hype, thats everyones worse nightmare mate. End of the day, theres little you can do. You could always try putting a cover over your car of an evening, but thats hassle.

Your only chance to stop the f*****s is to try and catch them at it. Video camera, or something along those lines. Try parking your car as close to your house a possible aswell, get it away from the road and just hope they little tw*ts grow up and move onto something more interesting.....

Feel sorry for you though....


I had the same thing happen, My car was keyed 3 nights in a row before it was even a week old!! Ended up hiring a garage for £75 per month and getting it resprayed (£360)....then put my house on the market and moved to a nice area, with my own cost £6000, but at least I can sleep at night.....BASTA***!!

Id get the police involved.. they should at least be able to have a word with the parents which may do the trick. Sounds like if you do nothing theyll quite possibly come back and do it again anyway.

hype, this is what you do....

when you next see the that kid, you need to some how follow him without him seeing you.. you need to find out where he lives... once you know where he lives run upto your local DIY centre and buy a can of spray paint.. (any colour will do, brighter the better)

set your alarm clock to wake you at 3:00am in the morning... put on a balaclava and run down to his house (with the spray paint) then write in big letters (across his doors & windows & walls & fence) a piece of your mind... you could play cleaver and write.. "key my car again, and ill burn your house down" that way.. the kid knows whos done it, however he wont tell his parents because they will then know his their angel son fncked your car!! then...... and only then will he stop messing with your car.. (dont ask me how i know this... i just know) ;)

sorry to here that little f**kers keyed your car

If i see someone do that to my car dont matter how old they were or how big or small i would beat the living f**k out of them. little b**ards.

I think this is the time for some proper tried and tested tactics. Ben steps into "Evil Ben" suit. Right:

Find out where the blighter lives. Get the steet address and house number - thats all you need. Go to the Royal Mail site and find out the postcode; not essential, but helps. Dont worry about his name: make one up. Set aside an evening, soon, to spend at this activity. Youre most likely to be able to get the phone number from the phone book too - not many people are ex-directory.

This is time consuming, but it works...fill out lots (and I mean lots) of double glazing, sex catalougue, mobility help, general catalogue, car, insurance and so on reply slips. The house will be bombarded with calls, salesmen, sex catalogues etc. They wont be able to move for hassle.

The nut in question will soon feel very threatened and victimised. Then its time for step two (optional). Start posting random things to the house, like animal offal, cow pats, dead frogs and so on.

Now I cant possibly endorse any of this stuff on a public forum - its just an option Im presenting. But I know it works.
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Get one of those wee security cameras from Argos and get them on video, catch the feckers and drag em down the cop shop with the video tape in yer pocket!!!


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just to add to Beh Hs suggestion.

Take out 1 copy of Yellow pages.

Proceed to phone every company eg glaziers etc. and arrange a time next week with every company at a time you know he will be in.

Make sure you phone about 100+ companys... now sit outside and laugh when a 100+ vans/people show up at his door at the same time. Just think how pissed off he is gonna be.