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My 172 Cup

  172 Cup
I thort it was about time to post up a few quick pics of my 172 Cup 8)

  172 Cup
Yup, currently running steelies. Only got so I cud refurb the Turinis but I actually really like them! Completely transforms the look of the car. Suprisingly had loads of positive comments since fitting them. Turini's will be back on soon tho dnt worry... :approve:
  172 Cup
V-Maxx coilovers.

I've stripped the rear interior so the back wont go any lower than that, set the front to match. Didn't want to go silly low tho, jus reduce a chunk of the arch gap.
  172 Cup
Thanks everyone :cool:

Current spec:

• Pipercross panel filter with removed acoustic valve
• Blue Samco induction bend
• Blue Nology Hotwire ignition leads
• Nology Silver spark plugs
• Matched inlet manifold
• Polished upper inlet manifold and fuelrail guard
• Stainless steel stealth exhaust

Wheels & Tyres
• Satin black 16” Speedline Turini alloy wheels
• Toyo T1R tyres
• 15” Renault steel wheels
• Yokohama Parada Spec-2 tyres

• V-Maxx coilovers

• Brembo Max grooved front discs
• Ferodo Racing DS2500 front brake pads
• Blue Goodgridge stainless steel Brakelines

• Cobra Suzuka Pro drivers seat
• Stripped rear interior
• Black Sparco 4 point harnesses
• Sparco 330mm suede steering wheel

• Smoked side indicators
• Blue Osram Diadem front indicator bulbs
• Chrome rear indicator bulbs
  172 Cup
Considering a decat but don't want the exhaust to be much louder. Got a cup racer style front tow eye to fit. Front brake ducting. Been wanting a roll cage for ages so hopefully get one sumtime soon...
  172 cup
always good to see another cup with polished inlet plenum ;) good old desmond do that for u? and didnt realise u live in leicester
  172 Cup
always good to see another cup with polished inlet plenum ;) good old desmond do that for u? and didnt realise u live in leicester

Tommy G did the polishing. Yeh I'm in Market Harborough. Defo up for heading to the next local meet whenever it is, meet some more members.
  172 Cup
Very nice.

I didnt think much of black turinis on the cup but yours looks awesome.
Getting my wheels refurbed soon on my cup, was going straight silver but you have just put a spanner in the works ;)
  172 Cup
Yeh I was never 100% sure tbh. Much prefer them now tho looking back.

Sorry to throw in a spanner. Defo put some thought into it. Mine are satin black.

Yeh, thanks again for the wheels RichCup :approve:
  Freetrack&Monaco 172
Lovely car fella.......makes me tempted to remove all my 'track look' stickering, and go for a more standard look......yours is beautiful!

I'm slightly curious what sized steelies you are using (guessing 16" 6.5/7J ???) and which tyres to match........and any chance you know how heavy are the steels + tyres compared to turinis + tyres??