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my 172 sounds like a nova

  Clio 1.6 16V

So what kind of exhaust have you got ....standard mild steel or stainless? If its the former its probably rusted through and fit for the bin, the later it may have cracked and require tig welded ?
  Clio 1.6 16V

Sorry 172man for deviating from your topic: Thought you would home in on this thread Chris ..LOL! K-Tec rukes OK! Just waiting on an O/T payment coming through from work. Hope to get my Oval with extra big central silencer very soon. I keep asking this but did you ever get your new system? Can never remember when you were booked in for the change

life time guarantee with the K-tec? also i want a tuned sport sound not booming + a bit more power would be nice

it all of a sudden sounded very load on the way home like its a different car boomy... its the std zorst that comes with the car mk1

could be a split in the manifold. it may get loader and loader beyond belief that it can actually get that load and ull find uve lost near enough all power.. having to cain the sh*t out of it to reach 30. and itll eat petrol big time.