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My 172... time to change?

Im confused...

I love my 172 to bits, its reliable, its fast, its rare, its a Ph1, its in mint condition...

so why am i left wanting to trade it in for a un-modded 182?

help me!
  Golf R/Leon FR
i have no idea fella,

if i was to change it would be for a trophy or a vee. imo you/we have the best RS as you said its rare, fast etc and has the better looks also
  Renault Clio 172 Ph2
Noooooooo. I had a 182 a while back and like my 172 more and more everyday!! tho i get jelous of xenons
  M2 Competition
I was looking at 182's the other day mate! I want a black ff with both cup packs, and ive got a 172cup, which is even closer than yours!

imo the 182's drive nicer... :)
i think somewhere in my head i want a more sensible car... a standard one which i can live with better on a day to day basis. I'll be doing more miles with my new job.

i would like a rare colour such as petrol blue if i get one...
  Vee dub
Why do I get the urge for a Lupo gti? lol

I fookin love the YOJ... I can't get rid!
plus my cars getting on for 60k miles now...

im talking myself into it.

inferno or petrol blue would be nice.
  M2 Competition
TomS said:
Why do I get the urge for a Lupo gti? lol


Martin_89 said:
why get something slower :quiet: ;)

if i was upgrading it would have to be a megane 225 if i wanted something more sensible, plus faster.

too much money, although i would much rather the meggy! :)
  Vee dub
Peperami said:

he he class :approve:

Slammed on coilovers and on BBS old school rims... oh ja

Just not sure if I get on with the rear of them

Sorry Dan, hijacking... :eek:
  BMW E46 330i Touring
I'm thinking the same Fubar, but at the moment I think I'd rather have the extra money. Once I've bought a house and sorted a mortgage I may see if my funds will stretch to a small loan and get a 225...

For the money nothing is better than the Ph1 172 IMHO.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
^ Pretty cheap for what you get as well, and the older style ones (nicer IMO) prices will now tumble with the new facelift released...


ClioSport Club Member
I'm in the same boat Fubar, i love my car to bits, but shes now on 59K and i would like something with lower millage as me and my girlfriend do aroud 18K a year.
  RS Clio 172 Ph1
If it's Mint then keep it mate - better the devil you know - if you've extra money to spend use it doing it up, Superchipped, Wheels, whatever! Or save for something you really want.
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  Nissan 350Z
Dont think i would bother tbh, they are essentially the same cars really, theres not enough of a change really to justify it. Sure each car has various things in its favour over the other, but all in all its just like swapping a cadbury's dairy milk for a galaxy.


LCR210 or 225 are great cars, be warned though, they cost significantly more to run!!!!
  cock mobile.
Why bother changing for essentially the same car?

Keep it, or get something that's not a clio.


sh33n said:
Why bother changing for essentially the same car?

Keep it, or get something that's not a clio.

Something thats not as good as the clio:eek: ;)

Dont say that too often or you'll be getting yourself banned.. haha
I'm after a phase1, looks so much better! get some pics up of yours mate, and what spec inc mods? On topic though, for the money you could buy a 182...I'd buy a more executive car, depends what you're after bud