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My 1st Birthday (still a newbie)

  vers le haut doigt milieu
I've been here a year now.

It has been a pleasure to talk amongst you and in the time I have had 2 Clio sports and spent well over £15k on both through various things, as I write this my car sits at home with a buggerd aux belt for no apparent reason. So the question I keep asking is the torrent love affair worth it, I put it down to Alfa syndrome where only once a blue moon do you appreciate the car for all its worth when everything works however I do keep reminding myself its not a pretty as an Alfa and considering everyone (i.e general dumbasses) thinks the car is a 1.2/6 it doesn't carry the same road presence and credibility (unless ur spotted by a CS member).

I do however have no plans to sell the car atm as the only thing I want is a skyline, which I would be able to afford if I stopped putting money into this box. I will renew my membership tomorrow when I get paid so I can put a CS sticker on my car to increase my road presence and authority.

But for now its been fun...

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