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My baby is home!!!! :):):)

  Leon Cupra

Yes My car is back and i also have a parts list as long as my arm.:eek:

Dealer said Renault UK did not tell them what went wrong with the car just what needed to be done, they were still being a bit sly and didnt want to give me the parts list but i got it in the end. It has had a new engine and box so ill have to run it in again. Hear is a pic of the homecoming!!!:D


thats an impressive list m8!

dude, id edit your address out!!!

you never know who is watching!!

whilst were on the subject, sorry, you missed the k out of uk on your homepage!
  7.6cc :D

aha, finally i have Tims address:devilish:

Theres no stopping me now!!!:devilish::devilish:

p.s. that first pic is of your car behind a tree LOL

Blimey!!!!! they must have built you a new car!!!!!!

That just a stupid amount of parts on that list!! No wonder they dont wanna say what went wrong, probably v.embarrasing for them.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

reno are taking the piss !!!!!!!!!!

they changed ANYTHING they removed.. btw, the garage gets the dosh for ALL parts replaced... its in their favour !

Bloody con merchants lol
  Leon Cupra

Been out in it and the only thing different is the gear chainge is loads better a lot more tighter, before the box was very sloppy and some gear changes would crunch. I was going to take it in for this but this happened before i had chance.